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Education is key to overall success in life!

The more education you have, the better job or career you can get. A more educated person always gets better pay than a lesser educated person. In the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) there are many Private Career Colleges providing top quality career specific diploma courses for adults.

CANADIAN SETTLEMENT, EDUCATION & EMPLOYMENT SERVICES  (CANSEES) helps local adults obtain the best education to help them get on the road to the success that they deserve.

Local Students   International Students

Are you currently living in Toronto or the GTA and thinking about going back to school in order to enhance your job propects? If so then we can help you to achieve the success that you deserve.

It is a well understood fact of life that people with more education get better paying jobs than those with less education. And, that people with only high school education are only going to get survival jobs.

The current economic conditions in Ontario mean that for every job opening there are at least 8 people looking for a job. Employers get many resumes when they post a job opening. And, they can be very selective in choosing people with higher levels of education.

At CANSEES we help people to get the job, or career, that they deserve. We help themto find the best program (course), the best college, and to get the best funding option that ranges from FREE government grants to a combination grant and loan. It all depends upon your current circumstances.

The time to improve your skills and level of education is right now. The experts at CANSEES have many years of experience in helping people to turn their lives around.



Are you wishing to study in Canada?

We can help you to find the best university and colleges in Canada and other English speaking countries.

Our speciality is in helping international students come to Canada for top quality education and then, if they desire to become permanent residents in Canada, we help them through the immigration process.

Please go to the International Students tab above for more details.

There you can learn about the colleges and universities that we are working with. We also have the capability to enrol you in universities in the UK, USA, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand if you prefer to study in one of those countries.

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Canadian Educational Services

Proud Canadian Corporation


Study - Work - Permanent Residence in Canada

CES-International is a provider of FREE services to international students who wish to study in Canada.We are a Toronto based organization that specializes in helping students to enroll in Canadian universities and colleges.

Our services include

  • Help with visa application
  • Help with admission process
  • Settlement assistance in Canada
  • Post graduate assistance
  • Co-op and employment services if needed
  • Assistance for work permit and PR Status

We specialize in matching student needs to the Canadian job market. We guide students to study in fields where there is a demand for skills in Canada. Examples of these positions are jobs in Medical, Dental, Legal, Business, Financial, IT, Esthetics & Spa services.

We also specialize in a program that focusses on professional pilot training in Canada for international students. Graduates from India are offered interviews with Jet Airways upon successful completion of the training program in Canada.

Canadian Educational Services

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Request a FREE information session with one of our education/career consultants


We will help you to understand all of the options available to you.

These options include the following:

  1. Career/job future prospects
  2. Funding for education:
    Grant or loan
  3. College selection
  4. Program selection

The goal is to get you the education you need in order to get the job or career that you deserve!

Our counselling sessions are FREE

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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Study in Canada
study  provides international students with information on studying in Canada. If you're interested in post-secondary education, search Canadian universities, community colleges, career colleges, graduate schools and online degrees. If you're looking for secondary education,


We connect you with the best universities & colleges in Canada!

  •  Our career consultant experts are enrolling students in the best universities and colleges in Canada for the quickest route to Permanent Residence (PR).
  • We help students to obtain Permanent Residence (PR) status.
  • We know the areas of demandable employment and work with major employers